History of Cobbora Hall

The historic Cobbora Hall, built in 1915 in the village of Cobbora near Dunedoo in Central West NSW, is a classic community hall that served the people of the district as a meeting place and social hub for more than 90 years. A simple but elegant corrugated iron structure built around a sturdy cypress pine frame, Cobbora Hall was built by the community for the community at a time when people shared their triumphs and troubles in a spirit of unity.

The hall has been the location for events that celebrated the rhythms of rural life through two World Wars and most of the 20th Century. In the 1950s it was moved from its original site alongside the Old Cobbora Courthouse to a sporting ground two kilometres away where it stood for 50 years – and now, after slowly falling into disrepair, the hall has been returned to its original site and brought back to life.

Cobbora Hall, now sensitively and lovingly restored, is ready to resume its role as a venue for events that celebrate the values for which it was originally built.

The historic village of Cobbora is 15 kms from Dunedoo, 75kms from Dubbo, 80kms from Mudgee, 70kms from Wellington, and four hours' drive from Sydney. The hall is located adjacent to the beautiful old Cobbora Courthouse at the corner of Schoolhouse Road and Dunedoo Street and looks out across picturesque farming land towards the Talbragar River.